• History of the Funerals of the Kings of England

    The first recorded royal funeral in England was that of King Edmund I in 946. A huge funeral procession followed his body from Glastonbury Abbey to Staines, where he was buried in the royal tomb. Henry I was the first English king to be buried in Westminster Abbey, in 1136. The funeral of Edward the […]

  • Funerals in Ancient Egypt

    The funeral process of the pharaohs was very long and complicated. It took up to 70 days to complete. The first step was the embalming of the body. To do this, the organs were removed and placed in canopic jars. The body was then covered with natron and wrapped in linen. After this, the body […]

  • Burial, a human history, from the first rites to funeral services.

    The history of humanity is a series of stages: agriculture, sedentarisation, urbanisation, worship, and the burial of the dead.Paying homage to the dead, giving them special attention, is at the heart of what makes us human. It is this awareness of the limit of our presence on Earth, and the need to associate it with […]