If a loved one passes away at home

Call your GP or SOS Médecin on 022/748.49.50 (24-hour service). 

Once the medical certificate of death has been issued, you can contact the funeral home of your choice. 

In the event of doubt or accidental death, contact the police immediately on 117

If a loved one passes away in hospital or in a nursing home

The establishment will contact a doctor to issue the medical certificate of death. 

You will then be given a list of funeral homes so you can choose the one you trust to assist you in this difficult time. 

Please be aware that the decision of which funeral home to use is yours and yours alone. Nobody else must make this decision for you. 

In all cases: 

– Make an appointment: with one of our funeral homes or with the funeral home of your choice  

– Prepare the deceased’s personal papers

  • Identity card or passport
  • Family record book or family certificate

– Prepare the clothes: underwear, clothes, shoes

We can also provide a funeral gown if you prefer.